Jon Hodgson


Jon Hodgson is Cubicle 7 Entertainment's deputy CEO and art director.  Jon is involved at all levels of game production - He sources and directs the artists that work across the company's lines, and is generally responsible for what things look like.  Jon illustrates many of Cubicle 7’s book covers, as well as providing art for The One Ring.   Jon handles social media, video and a selection of other tasks far too dangerous for other people to be put at risk performing.

A successful freelance artist for well over a decade, Jon has worked for a host of gaming companies, as well as for more mainstream interests like video games, TV and film.  Jon is based in Scotland. His favourite colour is brown.

Art Submissions
We are not currently reviewing unsolicited art submissions, and have very rarely hired artists who cold call.  If you would still like to be put on file please send a link to your work to jon at cubicle7 dot co dot uk.
Sadly we just don't have time to respond to unsolicited submissions.