We’ve been making great progress on our first Kickstartered project, the Cthulhu Britannica: London box set; so much so that over the past month we’ve been sending out finished PDFs to our backers.

Firstly we sent out the Investigator’s Guide to London, which is a comprehensive guide to the capital in the 1920s. It contains, amongst other things, information on public transport, the bustling party scene, the people and a whole lot about the places investigators might go in the course of your adventures. Great for both players and Keepers alike!


Investigator's Guide to London - Click to download a 4 page sample PDF

Then, just this afternoon, we sent out the Keeper’s Guide to London, which is strictly for the Keeper’s eyes only! This book is jammed full of ideas for running Call of Cthulhu adventures set in London, including new cults and Mythos threats, advice for capturing the unique feel of the city and a whole swathe of NPCs and plot hooks you can use in your own games.


Keeper's Guide to London - Click to download a 4 page sample PDF

We’re just putting the finishing touches to the third and final book from the box set, Adventures in Mythos London, which contains three standalone adventures set within the capital city.

And, if you didn’t back the Cthulhu Britannica: London Kickstarter, you’ll be pleased to know that the whole box set will be available to buy on RPGNow in the near future, and in a store near you in the new year.

But don’t make the same mistake again – if you missed out on our first Kickstarter, don’t miss out on our second! The Lone Wolf Adventure Game Kickstarter still has a little under a fortnight to go so it’s a fine time to join in and become a backer. You can find out more about it here.


We've just got back from Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, and it was great to meet so many people who came by to talk to us about our games - thank you to everyone who came to say hello!

One of the projects people were particularly eager to talk about was the forthcoming Cthulhu Britannica: London box set. Well, Dom shared a glimpse with some of the laid out pages with the Kickstarter backers the other day, so we thought we'd share a look at some of the artwork by Scott Purdy from the Keeper's Book with you today.

The other game people wanted to talk to us about was the revised edition of The One Ring Roleplaying Game. Well, this week's big news is that tomorrow we'll be opening up preorders for the revised edition of The One Ring, so make sure you're back here at 3pm GMT!
NEW TOR packshot


Artwork for The Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set is coming in thick and fast! In this preview you can see a selection of images from Andrew Hepworth, Scott Purdy, Pat Loboyko, David Wright, Rich Longmore and Jon Hodgson.



Our Kickstarter for the Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set has been a huge success - we made our funding goal in 7.5 hours, and we're now entering the last 48 hours of the campaign!

Last night we hit £70,000 and unlocked the World War Cthulhu London cross over book, which brings the classic 1920s period of the core boxed set up to the Second World War and links it with our best selling World War Cthulhu campaign setting.  Exciting stuff!


We've unlocked a range of fantastic additional products as part of the Kickstarter.

Campaign Book

This book is a companion to the boxed set – a hardback book in its own right. It will contain a series of fully developed scenarios making up a huge story – how huge depends on how much funding we get. We are currently at six scenarios, including ones written by Call of Cthulhu Line Editor Mike Mason, Paul Fricker, Scott Dorward and New York Times Best-selling author Graham McNeill!


Postcard Set - Kickstarter Exclusive!

Each postcard is an adventure seed written by one of the series of gaming luminaries we’ve lined up as contributors. Including Sandy Petersen, Ken Hite, Graeme Davis, Robin Laws, and many more, there’s a wonderful group of people involved – with these postcards you’ll have a huge array of inspiration for your Call of Cthulhu games.

Backers can also get their scenario ideas printed in the set's book!


Cards from the Smoke

This is a set of beautifully illustrated large format cards:

Rogue's Gallery - NPCs, both helpful and otherwise.

Threat Deck - Mythos and non-Mythos enemies.

Location Deck - Strange sites and dangerous domains.

Street Deck - Famous avenues and their features.

Pursuit Deck - Bring your investigative pursuits to life!

Investigation Deck - Plot hooks, unanticipated developments and grisly discoveries.


 There are loads of ways that you can use them. The illustrations are perfect as visual aids to show your players, and they also include loads of information for you to use in your games. From suggested encounters to intriguing mysteries, including stats and page references to the rest of the Cthulhu Britannica: London books where appropriate. Symbols on the cards also have a range of uses, from threat levels to plot advancement. All this is explained in the book that comes in the set, and the set comes in a sturdy beautiful presentation box.



World War Cthulhu/Cthulhu Britannica: London

This book moves the setting forward to cross-over with World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour. Encompassing the build-up to war and war on the home front, this book will detail London at war, and the opportunities this provides the Mythos and its agents...

And that's not all - if we reach the next lot of stretch goals, there are journals, investigator sheets, additional Campaign Book scenarios and more!


Take a look at:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/461807648/cthulhu-britannica-london-call-of-cthulhu-rpg-boxe

Top of the Bill2


Our Kickstarter for the Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set continues to power forward!  Here we present a round up of where the campaign is at, and where it's headed in the remaining 9 days.

The total at the time of writing is £58,747.  We've just unlocked a postcard by indie-legend Epidiah Ravachol, and we're closing in on unlocking the next part of the campaign book at £60 000.

But what are these postcards we've spoken so much about?  Dominic McDowall gives a solid run down in his recent interview with Paco at GMS Magazine Podcast here.   He also shone a spotlight on them in a recent update: "Each postcard is an adventure seed written by one of the series of gaming luminaries we’ve lined up as contributors. Including Sandy Petersen, Ken Hite, Graeme Davis, Robin Laws, and many more, there’s a wonderful group of people involved – with these postcards you’ll have a huge array of inspiration for your Call of Cthulhu games.

Things have been going well in the postcard stakes - these are cheeky smaller goals we've scattered between the big ones, each one unlocking another postcard adventure seed from a noted RPG luminary.  By the conclusion of the campaign this boxed set should provide a unique who's who of rpg writing in 2013.  There's also the chance for backers to submit their own adventure seeds and have those included in the booklet that accompanies the postcard set.  What better company in which to be published?  This set is Kickstarter exclusive, so is only available as part of the campaign.

Poscard set packshot
We also revealed 3 pieces of cover art for the books contained inside the set.  Created by C7 art director Jon Hodgson these will appear on The Guide to London, the Keeper's Book and The Scenario Book.
CBLcover01_800 2nd london cover london cover 3

We've smashed through some big milestone goals too, with the boxed set itself funding in under 8 hours!  We quickly added the Campaign Book to the pile of unlocked goodies. This is an additional tome to the Scenario Book, featuring a series of linked adventures written by big names in Cthulhu gaming.  Through the unlocking of stretch goals we've added 2 further parts to this campaign which is shaping up to an epic!  On the writing roster we have Mike Mason, Scott Dorward, and we're hoping to soon unlock an adventure by New York Times best-seller Graeme McNeill.

At £65,000 (Just over $100,000) we unlock Cards from the Smoke.  This is another beautiful boxed set, this time featuring large format cards presenting art and information on a location, an NPC or a threat.  A vital tool for London Keepers.

We've recently unveiled some new stretch goals, with more details on those coming soon.  We're offering a World War Cthulhu cross-over book, bridging the gap from classic Call of Cthulhu 20s London to the London of the Blitz, as well as expansions to the Cards from the Smoke set.  Exciting times if we can get there.
Throughout the campaign we've also been running our free to play adventure game featuring the trials and tribulations of our friend in 1930s London, Neve Selsibuc.   You can help Neve negotiate the perils and wonders of 1920s London as she attempts to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding the British Museum.


Your support throughout the campaign has been amazing, and we're overwhelmed at how high the total has risen.  Thank you! But there's still time to do more, and we have more surprises planned if we can get there.  9 days to go, so let's all help spread the word by letting your friends know about the Kickstarter!





So! A Monday update on our Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set Kickstarter. We've unlocked the 3 part campaign book, which is very exciting!

At the time of writing we now have £273 to go to unlock Robin Laws' postcard adventure seed. The adventure seed postcard pack is really starting to shape up with a sea of tremendous talent involved from both the UK and around the world. We'll be releasing more information about that add on as the week progresses, so stay tuned.

We now have £2273 to go to unlock the 4th part of the campaign. This will need a bit of a push, but we think we can do it, and we really hope to bring you this expanded campaign book set in 1920s London.

Upcoming we have a postcard from the might Gav Thorpe, and beyond that at £50,000 it's the 5th part of the campaign!



Based on your choices our friend in 1920s London, Neve Selcibuc headed to the British Museum.   Read more about how that went her newly arrived postcard...


Click to enlarge.

...and don't forget to email her your choice of advice on what she should do next!

Our Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set Kickstarter just unlocked the £30,000 stretch goal, and the set will now feature longer books, more maps, more handouts. If we unlock the campaign book stretch goal that will now be a longer book right away!

We've been truly staggered by the level of participation in Neve's postcard game and the success of the Kickstarter in just 2 days.  Things have gone further and faster than we could ever have dreamed of. Do please bear with us whilst we catch up with supplying all the details that everyone is clamouring for!



The Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set is now live on Kickstarter.

We want to make the ultimate boxed setting for 1920s London for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Beautiful artwork to inspire you, gorgeous maps to lose yourself in, evocative tomes on the city and its Mythos secrets to terrify, enthral, and immerse you in the glamour and smog of the capital of the Empire.

This is a project that has been years in the making, and has attracted a huge amount of support from the community, with the biggest stumbling point is that smaller-volume print runs of boxed sets just don’t work financially. Kickstarter gives us the chance to overcome that hurdle and bring you the ultimate 1920s Cthulhu London setting.

As well as the fantastic boxed set, you can also get original content from a dazzling array of gaming luminaries. First up is a series of postcards you can use as inspiration or in-game handouts, with the initial postcard written by none other than Sandy Petersen. Sandy designed the Call of Cthulhu RPG, numerous other games and adventures, and most recently the Cthulhu Wars boardgame.

You can also get involved in the investigations of Neve Selcibuc, freshly returned from a troubling experience in Scotland, as she is drawn into the nefarious plots afoot in London.



C7_CthulhuBritannica_Postcard_01_550The Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set Kickstarter launches on Tuesday the 12th of November!  We're getting the ball rolling with this first postcard from our friend in 1920s London, Neve Selcibuc.

Neve will be sending out regular postcards throughout the campaign, and you can help guide her through the wonders and horrors of London in the 1920s with your votes via email.  When each postcard arrives you can chose one of the options, suggesting what Neve should do next.  Simply send an email to neveselcibuc@gmail.com with your chosen option in the subject line.  The option with the most votes will be what Neve decides to do next!

To see a larger version the postcard click the thumbnail:
Stay tuned here and on our various social media sites to learn more about the Kickstarter!


Bundle of Tentacles


Can't wait for the London Boxed Set to hit Kickstarter?  Need some multi-award-winning Cthulhu Britannica goodness right now? Well head on over to BundleofHolding.com and pay whatever you want for a selection of DRM free PDFs full to the brim with writhing chunks of Cthulhu goodness.

Our offering to the basic level is Shadows Over Scotland.  Pay above average and get Cthulhu Britannica: Folklore as a bonus.

There is a great selection of other squamous titles in the bundles, so be sure to swing on by today and get tentacled up!
Shadows cover origins


London Boxed Set
Shadows Over Scotland
Cthulhu Britannica