For the past decade and more, March 4th has been firmly established on gamers’ calendars the world over as GM’s Day, the day to show your GM (or Keeper or DM or Storyteller) how much you appreciate them!

We’re celebrating GM’s Day with a massive sale on many of our PDFs over at DriveThruRPG – you can get 30% off some of our best products, from the brand-new Ruins of the North to the critically acclaimed Doctor Who Sourcebooks, and many more besides.

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The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook

Last week we unveiled the cover to The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook, shared a free extract from Ruins of the North and took a moment to celebrate one of the Doctor’s finest villains, the Rani. We’ve got a busy week ahead of us this week: The Curse of Nineveh is up for pre-order tomorrow, it’s GM’s Day on Wednesday and we’ll be taking a look at an awesome new product for Cthulhu Britannica.

As we’ve just mentioned, our new Call of Cthulhu campaign, The Curse of Nineveh, goes on pre-order tomorrow and The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook is up for pre-order not long after – but did you know there are fans out there who have already got their hands on both PDFs already?

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Yesterday we showed you the cover to the forthcoming Ninth Doctor Sourcebook, which is heading out to subscribers soon.

With the Ninth Doctor, we’re firmly into the modern era of Doctor Who – so we thought it high time we took a look back at the classic era of Doctor Who, and the first seven Doctor Sourcebooks.

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Today we're pleased to present the cover of The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook, the forthcoming supplement for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space.

The sourcebook acts as a guide to the Ninth Doctor's adventures, including character sheets for his companions and write-ups of all the aliens he encountered. The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook is heading to subscribers soon, and will be available to pre-order in the near future.

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30 years ago this month, a new villain appeared on our TV screens, quickly becoming one of the Doctor’s most unpredictable foes – the renegade Time Lord known as the Rani.

The Rani first made her appearance in the Doctor Who episode, The Mark of the Rani, back in February 1985, played by Kate O’Mara (who sadly died last year). She appears in The Sixth Doctor Sourcebook and The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook too, so we thought we’d take a closer look at this fantastic character!

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As part of our celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, we released a limited edition core rulebook for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. It proved so popular that it quickly sold out with us – we shipped our last copies into distribution way back in October – so if you see a copy in stores, make sure you snap it up!

Well, today we’re pleased to show you the cover for the new core rulebook for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game, which will be coming out this spring, and tell you a little about what’s in it.

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In a moment we’re going to present our third preview of Ruins of the North, the next supplement for The One Ring Roleplaying Game, with a first look at the gorgeous wraparound cover artwork by Jon Hodgson.

But first, we’re delighted to be nominated for two Golden Geek awards over at BoardGameGeek for the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space Limited Edition, and for The One Ring Roleplaying Game. We’d really appreciate the support if you go and vote for them!

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The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook hit US stores yesterday, but that's not the only Doctor we're excited about - The Eighth Doctor Sourcebook is currently up for pre-order too as well as for PDF download.

Today we're taking a closer look at The Eighth Doctor Sourcebook, as well as giving away a free sample too: The Matter of Silver!

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On the shelves of gaming stores now – The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space.

Each of the Doctor Sourcebooks is a must for fans of the show and gamers alike, as they're a complete guide to the televised adventures of each of the Doctor's incarnations, presenting detailed information about each episode alongside material for use in the game, from NPCs and gadgets to aliens and creatures!

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Hitting the shelves of US gaming stores this week – The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook, Makkura and Kings of the Sea!

The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook is the latest in our line of supplements for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space covering the adventures of each incarnation; Makkura is an epic campaign for Kuro; and Kings of the Sea takes your Yggdrasill games across the waves in search of adventure!

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