Good news! For the next two weeks you'll be able to partake of our Victoriana Bundle of Holding – an exclusive deal for a bundle of Victoriana PDFs at an amazing price.  AND get a discount coupon for the hardcopy versions at our webstore!

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CBL featured

At the end of last week we took delivery of something extra exciting - the very first advanced copies of The Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set.  We updated our backers right away, and we couldn't resist sharing some photos with you here too.  It's turned out spectacularly well. We're all very pleased indeed, and are looking forward to taking delivery of the main body of copies soon!

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HappyFehmarnToday is Fehmarn, the first day of a new Sommlending year!  We'd like to wish all you soon-to-be Kai Initiates a very happy new year.

We're making great strides laying out The Lone Wolf Adventure Game and will have some extracts and art to share with you soon!

Learn more about The Lone Wolf Adventure Game here.

Laundry cover

The Laundry RPG recently appeared in a Bundle of Holding deal, and we were bowled over by the response. The Laundry is now in the hands of hundreds more gamers.

As is inevitable with such a darkly funny book, parts of it have started appearing on social media as new Laundry players share their personal highlights with their friends. One particular section from the print edition of the core Laundry manual seems to have really struck a chord. At the time of writing it's been retweeted 647 times, with 520 favourites. It has had 145 +1s on Google plus and 126 shares. It's just reaching Facebook now as far as we can see.

We've never really gone viral before (there was that one time with the Yggdrassil video on youtube but that's another story), so we thought we'd share.

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@hishgraphics shared this shot of the Laundry core book, and it's gone crazy:

Here's the whole page, written by the inestimable Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan. We hope you find it as funny as we do. Click it to enlarge.
The Laundry Corebook-10

About The Laundry

The Laundry Files Roleplaying Game novels by Charles Stross. In the game, you play officers of the Laundry, that eccentric and underfunded agency dedicated to protecting the United Kingdom from unthinkable horrors. The Laundry uses the Basic Roleplaying System - the same system that powers the classic Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game (so you can easily convert adventures from one game to the other). As Laundry staff, you're trained to deal with the weird and ghastly spawn of the Mythos, you're equipped with the best equipment your committee-approved mission budget can buy, and you've got back-up on call from the SAS.

All of that means you're only terrifyingly underprepared, as opposed to completely screwed, when the shoggoth hits the fan.


Some reviews of the Laundry RPG:

"It takes the nihilistic horror of the Cthulhu mythos and makes it into a joke, just so that it can then turn it back around into a nihilistic horror setting once more. God spare England, because Cthulhu won’t."
- rpg.net review
"If you happen to be a fan of Charles Stross’ “Laundry Files” who games, then The Laundry is going to be near perfect for you. If you are a fan of Lovecraftian investigative horror, then The Laundry presents another approach to the genre, one that is more focused, much drier in feel, and with a very much drier wit. Lastly, this is the only RPG of Lovecraftian investigative horror that bothers to discuss a pension plan, so you know The Laundry makes sense."
- Reviews from R'lyeh
"The Laundry is probably the best horror setting I've ever seen. Funny, quirky, and totally dark, there's nothing in the Laundry that's not to like."
- drivethrurpg review


The Laundry RPG webpage
The Laundry RPG supplements
Buy The Laundry RPG at the C7 webstore
Buy The Laundry RPG at Drivethrurpg


We’re huge fans of Sir Terry Pratchett here at Cubicle 7, and are sad to hear the news of his death this afternoon.

We’ve made a donation to his charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK. To find out more about them or to donate:



Good news! For the next two weeks you'll be able to partake of The Bundle of Laundry – an exclusive deal for a bundle of Laundry RPG e-books at an amazing price.  AND get a discount coupon for the hardcopy versions at our webstore!

Head there right away or:

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Today is the last day of the week long GM’s Day Sale at DriveThruRPG – you can still get 30% off some of our best products, from the brand-new Ruins of the North to the critically acclaimed Doctor Who Sourcebooks, and many more besides.  Time is limited, so get over there now before the sale ends and you miss out!

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The Trail of the Scorpion, the epic campaign for Rocket Age, is out today in all good US games stores!  Books are en route for the UK and other destinations.

The Trail of the Scorpion contains a thrilling series of adventures that span the length and breadth of the Solar System, and can be played alone or linked together to form the first Rocket Age campaign!

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Ruins of the North for The One Ring Roleplaying Game is available to purchase now from DrivethruRPG and RPGNow!
As well as being available to purchase now as a PDF, you can also pre-order the print supplement at our webstore here, or at your local games store - Participating Bits and Mortar retailers also offer a PDF copy on pre-order.

Ruins of the North
 comprises six standalone adventures for The One Ring that can be played as an epic campaign across Eriador and is the companion volume to Rivendell.

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logosCelebrated tabletop games publisher Cubicle 7 Entertainment announced today that it had left the Rebellion group of companies following a successful management buy-out led by Cubicle 7 CEO, Dominic McDowall.

"I’m excited to be taking Cubicle 7 into its next phase of development,” said McDowall, “Rebellion’s investment and mentoring has given us a great start, and now we’re ready to go it alone. I’d like to thank Chris and Jason Kingsley and everyone else at Rebellion for their invaluable support, advice and inspiration.”

Rebellion CEO and Creative Director Jason Kingsley said, “Getting involved with start-ups and small companies, nurturing them and helping them grow is enormously rewarding. It’s great to see Dominic and Cubicle 7 taking what they’ve learned as part of Rebellion and following their own path. I look forward to their future successes!”

Cubicle 7’s customers will be unaffected by this change, there is no impact to the company’s release schedule, licenses, Kickstarters, or existing customer pre-orders.

For more information about Cubicle 7, visit www.cubicle7.co.uk

For more information about Rebellion, visit www.rebellion.co.uk

Press contact: info@cubicle7.co.uk


Does this affect any of your licensed products?

No, none of our licenses are affected.

I’ve preordered a book from your webstore – will my order be affected?

No, our mail order and webstore service is unaffected.

Does this affect your forthcoming releases?

No, the production process on all our future products continues as previously planned.

I’m one of your Kickstarter backers – will the Kickstarters be affected?

No, work continues unabated on both our previous Kickstarters as planned – as well as on our next Kickstarter, for World War Cthulhu.

How do I contact Cubicle 7 now?

The same way you always have done – by email, Facebook, Twitter or our customer service forum. See About Us for more information.

Will there be any staff changes?

No, Cubicle 7 is still working with the same great creative team you know and love.

So, who’s in charge now?

Exactly as before, CEO Dominic McDowall and Deputy CEO Jon Hodgson continue to lead the company.