We are delighted to be able to announce The One Ring Bundle of Holding: http://bundleofholding.com/presents/TheOneRing

For a strictly limited time we've teamed up with Bundleofholding.com to bring you an amazing deal on DRM-free, The One Ring PDFs.

There are a couple of ways to get in on the bundle. Firstly, for $14.95 you get the STARTER COLLECTION which comprises: The One Ring Roleplaying Game (usually priced $30) and The Loremaster’s Screen and Lake-town Guide (usually priced $15). That's a great deal!

Secondly, every Bundle of Holding has a threshold price, based on the average amount paid. If you pay over the threshold price you will qualify for the BONUS COLLECTION, which comprises The One Ring core rules, The Loremaster’s Screen and Lake-town Guide, Heart of the Wild, The Darkening of Mirkwood and Rivendell. That's a bundle that would normally cost an additional $66 for an initial threshold price of $29.99!

If the bundle goes well, and we're certain it will, further titles may be added so keep a close eye on the deal. Everyone who has bought in at any time will get any bonus titles.

As another bonus everyone who buys a bundle will get a discount coupon for hard copy One Ring titles at our store.

The final bonus is that a percentage of proceeds will go to Reading is Fundamental, a marvellous charity that helps with child literacy.

The bundle deal will run for just two weeks, so don't delay. Now is the time to jump into The One Ring.

The Bundle of Holding: The One Ring
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The 22nd of September is International Hobbit Day, and at Cubicle 7 we're celebrating by breaking out our favourite story telling card game - Hobbit Tales!

We'll be sharing our #hobbittales stories all this week, and we'd love you to join in on twitter and Facebook.

Here's our first team member story, from our creative director Jon Hodgson:
"This was a real draw of cards that came up during a demo game at GenCon. I ran with it and started telling the story of The Hobbit.  The cards were incredibly fortuitous, and we made it through a (somewhat abridged) version of the whole story of Bilbo and his journey to The Lonely Mountain!"
Hashtag Hobbit Tales 1Have you made any amazing stories playing or using Hobbit Tales?  Let us know via social media, and don't forget the hashtag! #hobbittales

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The latest edition of the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook will be available to pre-order from tomorrow, so we thought we’d share 5 reasons why you should be playing Doctor Who right now!

The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game is a hardback rulebook containing all the rules, monsters, background and characters you need to start having your own adventures through time and space right away!

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Today is the last day of our Summer Salesplosion, which means you've not got long left to grab yourself a bargain over at our webstore (25% off most physical products). Just head over there, pick what you want and then input the following coupon codes at checkout to get your discount:

•Paying in Pounds? SUMMERP25
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Still undecided about what to buy? Well, apart from all of our latest releases, why not check out some of our staff's recent recommendations.

SummerSalesplosionLAST DAY

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The sale ends today, so make sure you don't delay any longer to grab yourself a bargain!

Yggdrassil featured image

In today's blog we're pleased to present the cover for Uppsala, the next supplement for Yggdrasill, our roleplaying game of exciting adventure set in a mythical Scandinavia where Norse mythology is real.

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SOE Handbook Cover 550

The SOE Handbook for World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour is available for pre-order now! The PDF version is also available at DrivethruRPG now!

The Special Operations Executive were tasked with some of the most daring and dangerous covert actions of the Second World War, from sabotaging power plants to establishing resistance cells in occupied Europe. Yet for the agents of Network N, fighting the Nazis is just one part of their war…

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As above, so below.

Few of our decisions really mean anything. File that report, fill that spreadsheet, attend that meeting – and at the end of the day, did any of that matter? Few of us make life and death decisions – and that's a luxury. Even in the Laundry, that secret branch of government charged with protecting the world from horrors unimaginable, most decisions are inconsequential. Do you fix the printer in the HR office first or the DVD drive in the travel laptop first? Do you read the files about the incidence of birth deformations in cattle near dimensional weak spots, or the new directive on time tracking work emails while out of the office? (Hint: neither of them will ever have any future relevance to you).

This supplement for The Laundry RPG is about two very different types of people whose decisions matter.

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Good news! For the next two weeks you'll be able to partake of our Victoriana Bundle of Holding – an exclusive deal for a bundle of Victoriana PDFs at an amazing price.  AND get a discount coupon for the hardcopy versions at our webstore!

Head there right away or:

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CBL featured

At the end of last week we took delivery of something extra exciting - the very first advanced copies of The Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set.  We updated our backers right away, and we couldn't resist sharing some photos with you here too.  It's turned out spectacularly well. We're all very pleased indeed, and are looking forward to taking delivery of the main body of copies soon!

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HappyFehmarnToday is Fehmarn, the first day of a new Sommlending year!  We'd like to wish all you soon-to-be Kai Initiates a very happy new year.

We're making great strides laying out The Lone Wolf Adventure Game and will have some extracts and art to share with you soon!

Learn more about The Lone Wolf Adventure Game here.