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Over the past four weeks, gaming tables the world over have been resounding to cries of “For Sommerlund and the Kai!” as intrepid adventurers have had their first taste of The Lone Wolf Adventure Game.

This weekend marks the end of our playtest, so we thought we’d check in with the game.

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Those sharp-eyed Hobbits amongst you might have noticed a hitherto unreleased cover image hidden in the back of The One Ring Revised Edition, for the next supplement in the line: Ruins of the North.

Well, today we thought we'd show you it in all its glory!

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With the Rivendell supplement, heroes in The One Ring Roleplaying Game can now venture over the Misty Mountains to explore the ancient lands of Eastern Eriador. And, with the supplement winging its way to our warehouse, it’ll be coming to a gaming table near you in print format very soon indeed.

Rivendell is available to pre-order here or as a PDF edition here, and will be in gaming stores soon.

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With the Doctor Who season finale airing at the weekend and the second edition of our award-winning card game on its way to our warehouse, we’ve been getting very excited about Doctor Who: The Card Game.

Doctor Who: The Card Game is currently available for pre-order at our webstore.

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Coming soon for Rocket AgeThe Trail of the Scorpion.

This book contains a thrilling series of adventures that span the length and breadth of the Solar System, and can be played alone or linked to form the first Rocket Age campaign! Stay tuned to your RADIO receivers as we draw nearer release!

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It’s been a year since The Heart of the Wild hit stores and, together with its companion volume The Darkening of Mirkwood, they make one incredible campaign setting.

The Heart of the Wild is a setting supplement for The One Ring, detailing the lands along the River Anduin and Mirkwood Forest. The Darkening of Mirkwood is a complete campaign for The One Ring, set in and around Mirkwood over three decades.

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Europe Ablaze, our scenario anthology for World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour, is in US gaming stores now – and will be in stores the rest of the world over soon.

World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour draws on the real history of the SOE in the Second World War, and our writers exhaustively researched the topic. We asked them to reveal the most interesting facts they learned while writing the scenarios in Europe Ablaze.

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Hitting the shelves of US gaming stores today - The Sixth Doctor Sourcebook and Europe Ablaze!

The Sixth Doctor Sourcebook is the latest in our line of supplements for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space covering the adventures of each incarnation; while Europe Ablaze is an anthology of six Call of Cthulhu scenarios for use with the World War Cthulhu setting.

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The Sixth Doctor Sourcebook

The Sixth Doctor Sourcebook is hitting the shelves of US gaming stores tomorrow, so we thought we'd have a look at what you can expect to find inside the book.

Each of the Doctor Sourcebooks explores the adventures of one of the Doctor's incarnations in great depth, with information on all the allies, enemies, aliens and gadgets he encounters, and ideas for using them in your games.

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With the first supplement for World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour, Europe Ablaze, shipping imminently to stores and pre-order customers, we asked line developer Scott Dorward to pick his three favourite things in it.

Europe Ablaze is an anthology of six Call of Cthulhu scenarios set in the Second World War. It is available now for pre-order and in PDF, and in all good gaming stores soon.

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